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18 April 2011 @ 04:51 pm
Only 3 more days I have to date with math, physics and chems
Then I'll be free to do whatever I like until May 18th =))

As for today, I found nothing wrong with teachers from other school to supervise us =/
And I thought, how scary they'd be because some people brag about how the supervisor will tried everyway possible to sue my school that there're some cheaters mixed up
What the ****
About the subject, as I predict, I'm still suck with Bahasa ==a
I just hope my score will be no less than eight
For Biology.............. I want to raep my paper.............
Oh god, please let it be eight...let it be eight...
Please don't make my years in this school come to waste because of this...

What's worst, I'm getting hook up with another PC BL VN
O really? At this time? YES OF COURSE!!!
Image hosted by servimg.com

Look at how beautifully they've drawn by CARNELIAN <3
And the main uke, Takuto is voiced by Tachibana Shinnosuke~~
I love his voice here, he sure can altered his voice well

But I'm not into Ryouta, the black hair one =/
Nojima Hirofumi's voice is still uke-ish although in OVER THE RAINBOW ending and most of his route, he is Takuto's seme
I wonder why people prefer Ryouta to Kou
Gotta love the SILENT CAGE ending since Takuto become his seme instead being uke <3
Tacchi sounds seme enough for me, and quite the sadistic one after I've heard the cd drama >D
Oh well, I've to admit Takuto is uke though...
I love Kou better, since Kuroda Takaya voiced him
And he is a decent seme, unlike Ryouta XD
Image hosted by servimg.com

See what I mean? :D

Okay this rant have gone long enough ^^;;;;
Rika, signed out...
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